CP26 Master Training Plan

This training plan was prepared in coordination with Manpower and Force Management Subject Matter Experts. The courses are arranged by priority, as described in the ACTEDS plan, and position level (Entry, Mid or Senior).

Training sources are identified and Internet links are provided so careerists can go directly to the school or vendor for course descriptions and schedules. Where appropriate, courses are indicated if eligible for funding under the CP26 Competitive Professional Development (CPD) program. For courses provided by CP11, careerists must apply through the CP26 Proponency Office first.

Training SourcesWebsites
AFMS - Army Force Management School
ALU - Army Logistics University
AMSC - Army Management Staff College
ASMC - American Society of Military Comptrollers
CP11 - Army Comptroller Programs through Syracuse University
DFM&CS - Defense Financial Management and Comptroller School
FEI - Federal Executive Institute
Fin Sch - Army Finance School
GRAD - Graduate School
Harvard - Harvard University
NPGS - Naval Post Graduate School
SSC - Senior Service College


Priority 1
Course TitleSourceACTEDS
Manpower and Force Management CourseALU1Entry2 wksNo 
CES Foundation Course (FC)AMSC1EntryDLNoDistributed Learning
CES Action Officer Development Course (AODC)AMSC1EntryDLNoDistributed Learning
Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE)FIN SCH1EntryDLNoDistributed Learning
Leadership EssentialsGRAD1Entry3 daysNo 
CES Basic Course (BC)AMSC1Entry2 wksNoCentrally Funded
Action Officer Force Integration Course (AOFIC)AFMS1Entry1 wkNo 
Army Comptroller Course (ACC)CP111Entry3.5 wksYesApply through CP26
Army Force Management CourseAFMS1Entry4 wksNo*Eligible if taken immediately preceeding FA50Q
CES Advanced Course (AC)AMSC1Mid-Level4 wksNoCentrally Funded
Executive Comptroller Course (ECC)CP111Mid-Level3.5 wksYesApply through CP26
CES Supervisors Development Course (SDC)AMSC1Senior-LevelDLNoCentrally Funded
CES Intermediate Course (IC)AMSC1Mid-Level3 wksNoCentrally Funded
CES Managers Development Course (MDC)AMSC1Mid-LevelDLNoCentrally Funded
CES Continuing Education for Senior Leaders (CESL)AMSC1Senior Level1 wkNoCentrally Funded


Priority 2
Course TitleSourceACTEDS
Cost Benefit Analysis WorkshopGRAD2Entry3 daysNo 
Budget FormulationGRAD2Entry4 daysNo 
Management Analysis: Data GatheringGRAD2Entry4 daysNo 
Management Analysis: PlanningGRAD2Entry4 daysNo 
Management's Responsibility for Internal ControlsAKO2EntryDLNoDistributed Learning
FA50 Qualification Course (FA50Q)AFMS2Mid-Level10 wksYesAFMC prerequisite
Capabilities Development CourseALU2Mid-Level2 wksNo 
Resource Management Budget Course (RMBC)FIN SCH2Mid-LevelDLNoDistributed Learning
Federal Human Resources Management for Supervisors and ManagersGRAD2Mid-Level1 wkNo 
Senior Resource Managers Course (SRMC)CP112Senior Level1 wkYesApply through CP26


Priority 3
Course TitleSourceACTEDS
Accounting for Non-AccountantsGRAD3Entry2 daysNo 
Activity Based CostingGRAD3Entry2 daysNo 
Basic StatisticsGRAD3Entry4 daysNo 
Briefing TechniquesGRAD3Entry3 daysNo 
Budget Analysis WorkshopGRAD3Entry4 daysNo 
Budget ExecutionGRAD3Entry4 daysNo 
Budget Justification and PresentationGRAD3Entry3 daysNo 
Clear Writing Through Critical ThinkingGRAD3Entry3 daysNo 
Communicating for ResultsGRAD3Entry2 daysNo 
Communications SkillsGRAD3Entry5 daysNo 
Data Collection and AnalysisGRAD3Entry5 daysNo 
Effective Communications with CustomersGRAD3Entry2 daysNo 
Effective Government CorrespondenceGRAD3Entry2 daysNo 
Federal Budget ProcessGRAD3Entry2 daysNo 
Fundamentals of WritingGRAD3Entry3 daysNo 
Interpersonal CommunicationsGRAD3Entry3 daysNo 
Introduction to Federal BudgetingGRAD3Entry2 daysNo 
Introduction to Financial ManagementGRAD3Entry3 daysNo 
Introduction to Program EvaluationGRAD3Entry5 daysNo 
Project ManagementGRAD3Entry4 daysNo 
Report WritingGRAD3Entry3 daysNo 
Technical WritingGRAD3Entry3 daysNo 
Professional Development InstituteASMC3Mid-Level4 daysYesApply through CP26
Management Analysis: Advanced ApplicationsGRAD3Mid-Level4 daysNo 
Managerial Cost Accounting Concepts and StandardsGRAD3Mid-Level2 daysNo 
Performance Measurement and BudgetingGRAD3Mid-level3 daysNo 
Leading PeopleGRAD3Mid-level3 daysNo 
MANPRINT ApplicationsALU3Mid-level5 daysNo 
Federal Human Resource ManagementGRAD3Mid-level3 daysNo 
Federal Labor RelationsGRAD3Mid-level4 daysNo 
Leading ChangeGRAD3Mid-level5 daysNo 
Defense Comptroller Program (DCP)CP11COMSenior Level14 monthsYesApply through CP26
Defense Decision Support Course (DDSC)DFM&CS3Senior Level4 daysYesApply through CP26
Defense Financial Management Course (DFMC)DFM&CS3Senior Level4 wksYesApply through CP26
Defense Resources Management Course (DRMC)NPGS3Senior Level4 wksYesApply through CP26
Defense Senior Leadership Program (DSLP)DOD3Senior level2 yearsNoApply through CP26
Harvard University Program for Senior Executive FellowsHarvard3Senior level4 wksYesApply through CP26
Leadership for a Democratic SocietyFEICOMSenior Level4 weeksYesApply through CP26
National Security Management Course (NSMC)CP11COMSenior Level2 weeksYesApply through CP26


Other Competitive Training
Course TitleSourceACTEDS
Army War CollegeSSCCOMSenior Level1 yearCOMApply through CP26
Industrial College of the Armed ForcesSSCCOMSenior Level1 yearCOMApply through CP26
National War CollegeSSCCOMSenior Level1 yearCOMApply through CP26
Army Congressional Fellowship Program COMSenior LevelVariesCOMApply through CP26

CP26 Master Training Plan

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